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Friday, 09 June 2017


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Such an inspiring story, I'm looking forward to following your journey ☺ xx


You are so brave to open up like this and share your story!

Labelling is something I think we all do and not always for the wrong reasons. (I certainly have labels I use for myself!) But that doesn't excuse mean-spirited name-calling.

I can't remember if I said it on your last post, but the photos you're sharing in addition to your words are beautiful!


Please write something where you can include your beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Lucylu dreams

Hello Kelly! Thank you so much as always for your kind and thoughtful comments. Yes I definitely agree that we naturally label people - I suppose we do it to understand them. I feel so happy when I am taking pictures, thank you so much! Lots of love to you, Lucy xxxx ps I have replied to all of your comments and thought you were getting them via email (as well as them being on the blog) but Im not sure you were. Ive put that right now I think! Xxx

Anne Donald

I suppose I too could be classed as a 0.5 ...... but in my case it doesn't show on the outside. My Dad was Scottish, my Mum was English, and I was born and brought up in Scotland, so always considered myself to be Scottish (and British). When I moved to Hampshire in my early 30s, I was extremely irritated with the people who said "oh you're Scottish" as soon as I spoke to them, I felt I was being judged and found wanting, solely based on my accent. Way back in the 60s, there was a hit song which I think was called Melting Pot ...... basically lets put everyone in the world in a big pot and stir them round until we all come out looking the same - but then we would no doubt find some other aspect to comment on!!

Lucylu dreams

Hello Anne! It is so interesting isnt it? I suppose the lesson is not to make assumptions or jump to conclusions about people. It is politer to ask rather than to decide where someone must be from or what their cultural make up is. I think I may have heard that song before. I think it is great that we are all different but it has a strong message doesnt it? I hope you are having a good week. Lots of love, Lucy xxxxxx

Lucylu dreams

Hello! Thank you so much, that means so much, Lucy xxxx

Lucylu dreams

Hello Marsha, thank you so much for reading and yes I will definitely be including photos in my posts, as many as possible! Thanks again, Lucy xxx

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