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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


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Yes, I procrastinate. Big time. :) But I normally get the important things done on time and the things which don't get done sometimes weren't so important after all.

I quit work to stay home and raise our children and never regretted it (nor do I judge those who choose to put their children in daycare and continue their careers). We just have to do what we feel is right and works for us and not worry about what others think.

If you ever decide to write about your thoughts on religion, I'll certainly read them with interest. I have lots of thoughts of my own. And again, there would never be any judgement from my corner. ;)

My favorite photo today is the door!!

Anne Donald

I was lucky to be one of the generation of women who expected to give up work when children came along, with no pressure to have "a career" and to "have it all". Although Malcolm was the wage earner, I was always valued for my contribution ...... working in the garden to produce food, renovating/decorating our various houses so that we made money when we sold them ...... but the most important thing was being a full time mum, because for me, the best thing I could do was to bring Stuart up to be the best that he could be (for Mother's Day he sent me a card saying "thanks Mum, I'm awesome").

Lucylu dreams

Hi Kelly, yes I love that door too! I have a thing for doors! That is a good way of looking at procrastination and about religion, we will have to meet up one day and have a chat about it over a cuppa! It is too sticky a subject to express my opinion although there are many that are not shy about it! I hope you are having a lovely weekend, Lucy xxxxx

Lucylu dreams

Thanks so much Anne, lovely words about being a full time Mum and everything else that brings. I remember that brilliant card I am sure - I must have seen in on your blog! I feel the same way about being there for my lovelies and I have such a desire to do those other things too. Ive just got to go easy on myself - running before I can walk as always! Xxxx

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