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Thursday, 14 September 2017


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I look forward to seeing what you have to share here in your new series! I'm afraid my only other online presence is Twitter and I felt the need to step back from that for awhile. It had become a rather toxic place, contrary to what I wanted from it. So.... I hope you'll always post your lovely photos here as well as Instagram or Pinterest!

Is the wooden bridge (which isn't a bridge) some sort of decorative embankment? It and its reflection are beautiful. :)

Lucylu dreams

Dear Kelly, thank you so much! The bridge, which is actually a wooden facade, was first built in the mid 18th century but has been rebuilt lots of times. I love it! I will definitely be posting lots and lots of photos here on the blog of all those images of beauty I find in the city and beyond! Have a lovely Friday and weekend. Lots of love, Lucy xxxx

Lucylu dreams

Hello again Kelly! I meant to say I hear what youre saying about twitter. I dont really like it either so choose not to go on it! xxxxxxxx


What a fab idea! As you know, I too long for the countryside and wilder living......but this will hopefully help me make the most of where I am right now. Looking forward to joining in!! Jana xxxxxxxxxx

Anne Donald

It's a trade off, isn't it ....... we live in the middle of the most beautiful countryside, but then we don't have the amenities you have in the city.
Have a great weekend, Anne xx

Lucylu dreams

Hello my gorgeous! Thank you! Yes, still hoping for adjoining countryside cottages!! Lots of love xxxxxx

Lucylu dreams

Hello Anne! Yes, it is. I think I would miss London if I moved to the countryside but popping in now and then would be fine for me! I hope youre having a great weekend, Lucy xxx

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