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Friday, 06 October 2017


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Wow, that is such a beautiful, moving story....... I can see that you loved him so very much, and he clearly adored you too...... how wonderful to put this down and have a record of his life. Sending you the hugest of hugs, Jana xxxxx

Anne Donald

AS long as we talk of our loved ones, they are never really gone! In lots of situations we will say something which our parents would have said (my favourite saying of my Mum's ...... I'm not buying you chocolate biscuits, you just eat them!!!!!
Have a great weekend, Anne xx

Lucylu dreams

Hi Anne, indeed! I love that saying of your Mums. Its great! Have a lovely weekend too. Lots of love, Lucy xxxxxx

Lucylu dreams

Thank you so much my gorgeous friend, such sweet words! I am so glad I wrote all of these stories and memories down. Sending lots of hugs back lovely, Lu xxxxxxccc


Oh, I so enjoyed this post and can just feel your love for your dad. And that photo of you as a little girl looking up at him with adoration - that says it all! Priceless!

Such lovely photos, too.


Thank you for sharing the stories of your dad. I enjoyed reading them. Your posts are a balm in a time filled with so much negative news.

Lucylu dreams

Dear Kelly, thank you so much for your wonderful comments each week. Yes, I did love him so and I am so pleased I wrote this post and put some of my memories into writing. I love that pic too! I hope you are having a lovely weekend, Lucy xxxxxx

Lucylu dreams

Hello Marsha! Thank you so very much for reading and for your lovely comment! What a wonderful thing to say! I really do enjoy sharing my stories and passions and I find it calming and cathartic to write. Have a wonderful Sunday, Lucy xxxxxx

Ambassador Ron Nkomba (Rtd).

Hi Lucylu,

Your dear friend, Jennifer, sent me this blog. I have browsed through your enchanting and captivating memories of your loving dad. I intend to read it again more slowly and carefully as they tell a beautiful story of proud appreciation of a loving dad and his daughter. Interestingly enough, I was also born in 1937, on 1st January at that, in another African country called Nyasaland (now Malawi) So, I can easily relate with your dad's journey. Your story would make a colourful Biography, and I encourage you to transform your writings into a BOOK.

Lucylu dreams

Dearest Ron, thank you so very much for reading my post about my beloved Dad and for your wonderful response full of encouragement and compliments. I am truly flattered! It is fascinating that you can relate to my Dads life and I am sure you have a wonderful story to tell too! I would love to hear it! I will definitely think about writing a book, in fact, I would love to. Thanks again so much and all the best, Lucy xx

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