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Friday, 09 February 2018


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Lizzie Woodman

Such a beautifully written post, Lucy! We're SO similar. I'm not trained for anything particular either - although my degree did teach me that I love writing. I've never had a proper career and have fallen into this creative life after having children. I love it, but the self doubt is always there - I feel like I'm just playing at having a job sometimes. But I'm determined to keep working hard and try and make it as a freelance writer - at least until it's easier to pursue full time work again (not sure when that is exactly thought as people say children need more help not less as they start secondary school!). There's no right or wrong answer, except that we should follow our hearts! x

Lucylu dreams

Hello Lizzie! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I am sending you so much love because it is really hard to struggle with these feelings isnt it? Your comment that you sometimes feel like youre playing at having a job really resonates with me! Totally! Im routing for you lovely. Thanks for reading, Lucy xxxx

Mary-Ann Aveline

Hey love,
thank you for writing such an open and honest post. I can totally relate to pretty much all the points you mentioned and I think there are a lot of people that feel the same even if you would never initially think they felt that way.
It sounds like you are on the right path for your creative journey and although you have these doubts you are carrying on and that is the most important part!
I always love reading your Instagram posts as I feel you have such a positive, warm and friendly voice that is so engaging, and I don’t think that’s an easy thing to do. It seems very natural for you and something you should be proud of.I also love your pictures and think you have a great eye for photography and seeing the beauty in life. You have many talents and maybe just need to remind yourself of these good things when those inner negative voice try and bring you down.
It is hard pursuing a creative career and a roller coaster of emotions between things going well and feeling super proud, to those days when you just don’t feel good enough. Just know that you are not alone in these feelings. We are all just making it up as we go along and the important thing is to do the things that make you happy and recognise your talents as you have many.
I hope this message makes some sense :-)
Big love,
Mary-Ann xxxxx


Your honesty and willingness to open up here are so admirable. From what little I've observed (both and on the Brownie blog) I KNOW the depth of your talent and creativity. And... I think that often goes hand in hand with insecurity, self-doubt, and being too hard on yourself.

I won't offer advice. I think you might have guessed that I totally draw my strength from my relationship with God... just as I've guessed that might be a touchy topic for you. Just know I'm one of your cheerleaders on the sidelines!

Lucylu dreams

Thank you so much Kelly for your cheerleading! I really feel that and I am so so grateful. I am carrying on and gathering strength from within and from the love and support of others. I think it is wonderful that you gather your strength from God and I totally respect that. I have chosen not to follow a religion but believe in the power of good, peace and love. Some may argue that IS God. Big big virtual hugs are coming your way lovely! Lucy xxxxxxxx


You are not alone. I feel that being a creative seems to go hand in hand with self doubt and constant bloody questioning. When I feel like you do, and I do A LOT, I often look at my friends who are fully trained and in their job of dreams AND THEY TOO have all these feelings as well. I feel it’s the sign of an empathic personality. Although caring too much can be a curse. I wouldn’t have life any other way. Keep on keeping on. That’s the only option . Good things will come. I can feel it xxx

Lucylu dreams

Hello lovely Nancy! Oh I love your take on it - that it comes with being creative and having an empathic personality. You are so kind. I am being patient with myself as often as I can! Lots of love xxxx

Lucylu dreams

Hello Mary-Ann! How lovely to see you here on my blog and what a wonderful, generous comment! You are so very kind to say such lovely and insightful things. And yes it all makes total sense. It seems so many of us feel self doubt. It is good to hear how my voice and pics come across - it is difficult to know isnt it? Thank you so much lovely. I really appreciate you taking the time and I take great strength from your words. Lots and lots of love to you, Lucy xxxxxxx


You sound a bit like me except I have no degree! I do have a career in admin, 3 kids, a head full of ideas and I like making stuff!
You do realise that being creative is a process don't you? You are supposed to have fails, that's part of the process, just learn and move on. That's what everyone does, beginners and experts alike. It's very normal and perfectly ok.
My biggest problem at the moment is not finishing an idea before I start another, total grasshopper mind my mum used to call it. I'm trying lots of lists in notebooks to see if that helps.
P.S. you're doing great x

Lucylu dreams

Hello Julie! Thank you so very much for reading and thank you for your support as always! I hear you! Im learning to enjoy the process and trying to feel less impatient with where Im at in that process. I have a few notebooks for my ideas and like you I seem to move from one project to another without finishing them. So that is something I am going to try and do - to finish things that Ive started! I think that way, I will learn and move on. Onwards and upwards love, Lucy xxxxcc

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