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Friday, 09 March 2018


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Spring has definitely sprung in my neck of the woods, seemingly overnight. (not that we had anything like that snow of yours!) All your flowers are beautiful! I hope now that they're all blooming for you, winter doesn't try and creep back in.

I'm assuming your Goldfinches are the European variety, which look quite different from our American Goldfinches. My feeders have had many of them, but they're all still wearing their winter clothes. I love it when they put on their bright yellow summer attire. :)


Hello Kelly, sorry for the late response in replying to your comment. I am typing this as the snow falls outside (again!) although it has felt distinctly like Spring until now. I am sure it is just a blip though and the warmth will be back. Yes I think I've seen a pic of American goldfinches. I'd never seen one until a few years ago. They are so striking looking and quite mischievous and noisy! Have a lovely weekend! Lucy xxxxx

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