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Friday, 06 April 2018


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So sorry to hear this my lovely...... it has been such a long, dark winter, and we brownies definitely struggle without the constant sun our ancestors had! Glad you're being gentle on yourself. How I wish we could jet off to the sun together for a week!! Sending you so much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I agree with you 100% about that holistic approach to health. Things have been especially challenging for me in recent years, but I remain adamant about looking to lifestyle changes as the first line of defense.

All your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I hope you're feeling as bright as they all look very soon!

Lucylu dreams

Hello Kelly, I think it is so much more powerful and effective to look at and treat the whole picture. I am sorry to hear things have been challenging for you over recent years. I am sending you lots of love. I am feeling much brighter thank you so much! I hope you are having a lovely weekend, Lucy xxxxxx

Lucylu dreams

Thank you so much my angel. Ive been soaking up whatever sunshine has been on offer recently! Oh wouldnt that be just wonderful. One day we will reward ourselves and do just that. See you very soon lovely! Xxxxxxxxx

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