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Friday, 20 July 2018


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It looks delicious! But tell me.... how do you accomplish your lovely photos that show both of your hands in them (such as that first shot)? If both hands are visible, who's taking the photo?!

Speaking of utilizing one's own bounty... I'm finding ways to use the last of the yummy peaches from our two trees. We shared many with the critters, too. ;)

Lucylu dreams

Hello Kelly! Tee hee, I enlisted my daughters help for the pic where both my hands are seen, but I have been known to hold my camera with my teeth! Oo peaches! I love peaches. How lovely! Have a fab weekend lovely. Thanks for reading and commenting as always! Lucy Xxxxx


Do you think I could grow chamomile in a pot? Our garden has no planting space so I'm pots only! I love chamomile tea but only the fancy expensive type that has actual flowers in it (I'm a very low maintenance kind of girl apart from my herb tea requirements!) the supermarket ones taste a bit too dusty for me!!
I love the idea of a drizzle cake, I've pinned so I've a hope of finding this again!

Lucylu dreams

Hello Julie, yes you can totally grow chamomile in pots! Thats what Ive done. Its the best flavoursome tea when its homegrown too! Let me know how you get on if you try it! Lots of love to you, Lucy xxxxxxx

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